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  • ActivityPub för WordPress

    ActivityPub för WordPress

    Jag följer utvecklingen av ActivityPub och tillhörande plattformar (där Mastodon är den mest kända) med stort intresse. Sedan jag lämnade Twitter – jag förstår den som är kvar, men för mig ger det en alltför sur eftersmak att skriva där – har jag blivit mer aktiv främst på LinkedIn, men skulle hellre se att en plattform med…

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  • 🤖🖼 Twitterbot med konstverk från Digitalt museum

    🤖🖼 Twitterbot med konstverk från Digitalt museum

    I fredags knåpade jag ihop en twitterbot som en gång om dagen twittrar ett konstverk av Fritz von Dardel (1817–1901). Tänkte berätta hur jag gjorde så att det blir enklare för nästa person som vill bygga en twitterbot med konstverk hämtade från Digitalt museum. Från idé till twitterbot i fem (någorlunda) enkla steg! 1. Skapa…

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  • Emojimuseet – a chatbot experiment

    Emojimuseet – a chatbot experiment

    Back in October 2017, I soft-launched a Swedish clone of the lovely Twitter chatbot NYPL Emoji Bot. Basically it is a node app listening to Twitter mentions aimed at @Emojimuseet which 1) checks if there’s an emoji in the tweet, and if there is 2) replies with a URL pulled from a static JSON file. There’s also a…

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  • Levels of Open Source, Revisited

    Levels of Open Source, Revisited

    In a previous blog post, I tried to characterize four levels of open source usage in the museum sector. I’d like to return to these levels, adding examples from my own workplace, the Nordic Museum. 1) using open source These museums use open source projects (probably WordPress or Drupal, maybe some Javascript frameworks as well), but…

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  • Programming Goals for 2017

    Programming Goals for 2017

    Working with digital media in museums means I’m trying to understand two vastly different fields at the same time: technology and the humanities. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the pace of technological innovation when I’m involved in only a handful of digital projects per year. By the time I figure out how to be…

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  • Open Source in Museums – Now What?

    Open Source in Museums – Now What?

    I didn’t participate in last week’s Museums and the Web conference in Los Angeles, but I followed the twitter conversation from home most nights (that’s what happens when there’s a 9 hour time difference). There were some MWXX sessions on open source – both software and hardware – but not much appeared on Twitter during those unfortunately. One related discussion was…

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  • Open Source Museum Apps

    Open Source Museum Apps

    Museum apps are becoming more and more common around the world. Very few apps, however, are available as open source. Considering the public funding of most museums, it might be interesting to discuss whether our apps should be released to the public more often. I know of three museum app codebases released with an open…

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