Today’s date is September 17, and that means it’s #AskACurator day. I used the opportunity to ask for book recommendations on the history of museums.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far (links are to the National Library of Sweden aggregated catalogue):

Curiosity and enlightenment : collectors and collections from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century / by Arthur MacGregor

Chasing Aphrodite : the hunt for looted antiquities at the world’s richest museum / by Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino

Preserving memory : the struggle to create America’s Holocaust Museum / by Edward T. Linenthal

The Natural History Museum at South Kensington : a history of the British Museum (Natural History) 1753-1980 / by William T. Stearn

Cannibal tours and glass boxes : the anthropology of museums / by Michael M. Ames

Journal of the History of Collections / Oxford University Press

Riches, rivals & radicals : 100 years of museums in America / by Marjorie Schwarzer

Museums in motion : an introduction to the history and functions of museums / by Edward P. Alexander

The art museum from Boullée to Bilbao / by Andrew McClellan

Museum origins : readings in early museum history and philosophy / edited by Hugh H. Genoways and Mary Anne Andrei

Thanks to Indianapolis Museum of ArtErica McAllisterNatural History MuseumFort YorkDavid BradyDr Pepper MuseumAckland Art Museum and Smithsonian Postal Museum for answering!


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